Well, its time. I’m nervous and scared as hell… first time in a plane and is a trip of +23 hours. *sighs* I can do it, I can do it… Being a colombian isn’t good in the customs but everything is going to be fine. I’m with a scholarship, everything is going to be ok *continues to mumble for 3 hours*

For every “★” I get, I will post a fact about myself.
I came for the hot guys and stayed for the emotional trauma
Every fandom ever (via the-hella-brick-road)
tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)

name: maría
age: 18
sexuality: panromantic, asexual
relationship status: married to a fictional character
eye color: brown
height: 178

favorite season?: autumn
favorite movie/s?: Tiger&Bunny: The rising (since I just saw it and it was awesome)
favorite album?: -shape.memory.music-
favorite band?: GOATBED
favorite quote?: ”Because I was in the ground, I was able to know the beautiful sight of the starts, and feel the hope that they brought to me. If I were in the skies, probably I wouldn’t know any of it” Hades, kamigami no asobi
favorite shirt?:  shirt? idk

smoke?: I want but somehow I can’t
drink?:  Brandy!!
write?: Yes, historic essays and fiction things… and fanfic!
play an instrument?: Nop

your favorite place: the rooftop of the biggest building in my university, that is also on a mountain. You can feel the sky close to you and you have a complete sight of the city.
your favorite memory: Getting my pandora hearts books probably…
your ideal partner: GIULIO-DI-BONDONE. Just look at him. That’s all.
your bedroom: Full of anime posters, double bed, lots of books, pretty organized at first sight but the closet is a complete chaos
yourself in three words: weird friendly lonely


※Permission to upload this was given by the original artist.


another thing ror and i talk about is illumi disguising himself as gon (sometimes for hisokas purposes, sometimes for his own) and she just wrote how the side of killua that usually only gon would see nearly makes illumi snap with the split second urge to drop the act and take killua and lock him up forever so he can never show that smile to anyone but him ever again


'Kuroko no Basket' Kagami Taiga Wallpapers HD


Bigger version of that poster thanks to the official T&B twitter account.
Source: http://twitpic.com/eaqhv6


ew gross i drew a personal comic

A world where you can’t feel anything is lonely.